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Reduces strain on the back, arms, and shoulders, enhancing productivity and ensuring a safer, more efficient workplace. Experience the benefits of a healthier and happier workforce with Arm X2.

Product Specification

Arm X2



Batteries required

Product weight

Suitable height

Supporting area

Recommended Industries

Weight assistance capacity



Passive device


0.8 kg

4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet

Lower back, Shoulder, Thighs and Forearm

Logistics, Warehousing, Construction, Agriculture, Retail & Distribution

Upto 20 kg

Repetitive bending, Loading- unloading tasks

Ready to Transform Your Workforce?

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feather weight vector

Light Weight

The Arm X2 exoskeleton has been carefully built to be lightweight, guaranteeing users a minimal burden during operations.

user friendly design vector

User-friendly Design

Donning and doffing under 40 seconds. Adjustable for various body types.

risk reduction vector

Reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injuries

Serves as a preventive measure by supporting the user's back and arms, which lowers the possibility of musculoskeletal problems.

productivity vector

Enhanced Worker Productivity

By assisting in lifting and carrying tasks, Arm X2 enables workers to complete their tasks more efficiently.

physical strain vector

Reduces Physical Strain

Arm X2 is designed to provide crucial support to the arms and shoulders, reducing the physical strain on workers.

work period vector

Extended Work Periods

Fatigue reduction leading to extended work periods is experienced, thus increasing workplace efficiency.

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