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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an exoskeleton?

An exoskeleton refers to a wearable robotic device that is worn externally on the body. It is designed to enhance or augment the physical capabilities of the user. Exoskeletons can often be used to support, aid, or enhance human strength and endurance, especially while engaging in strenuous lifting or repetitive bending tasks.

In what industries are Augsy exoskeletons used?

Augsy exoskeletons are used in the manufacturing, retail, construction, warehousing, and logistics sectors. Augsy's technology, which supports heavy lifting and lessens physical strain, is intended to improve productivity and well-being in a variety of work contexts, transforming the way operations are carried out in these industries.

Do exoskeletons make people stronger?

Exoskeletons enhance a person's natural strength and endurance rather than making them stronger in the traditional sense. Exoskeletons are made to lessen physical strain and increase productivity and efficiency when lifting and performing repetitive chores.

Do Augsy exoskeletons run on batteries?

No, Augsy exoskeletons don't require batteries to function; they are passive. They are powered by mechanical means, thus the user doesn't require an external power source to receive support and help.

Are Augsy exoskeletons adjustable?

Yes, users of Augsy can adjust the exoskeleton's height to ensure a precise fit. It easily adjusts to the size and height of the user's body.

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