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Exoskeletons in Physiotherapy

Health conditions like paraplegia, spinal cord injuries, and stroke need physical therapy as a continuous part of their treatment. Exoskeletons are an optimal solution to regain their mobility during the rehabilitation period. It gives the patients better guidance by taking them through a range of assisted movement as a part of the rehabilitation process.

A powered exoskeleton is a wearable robotic device that can be controlled by the user for rehabilitation purposes as well as to sit, stand, and walk. An exoskeleton is powered using batteries along with electric motors, pneumatics, levers, and hydraulics to run.

Physiotherapists are adopting this new technology as it is more efficient and the results can be tracked in real-time. Exoskeletons can be designed for multiple users and can be also be customized for one user. The exoskeleton can be programmed to cater to the needs of the individual user and the settings can be saved for use for future rehabilitation sessions.

With the help of GenElek Technologies' exoskeletons, natural gait pattern while walking can be achieved in patients. Regular walking helps paraplegic patients avoid problems and diseases associated with not being able to walk, including diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, respiratory problems, and bed-sores.

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