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Disability in India

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

There are over one billion people globally who live with some kind of disability. Out of those people, over 26 million people are from India. Specially-abled people are the most excluded people across the world including in India. The grim reality is that the condition is likely to worsen day by day. In the near future, the number of disabled people in India is expected to rise significantly as the geriatric population is growing and traffic accidents are increasing.

Among the different types of disabilities in India, after the disability of sight, the second-highest disability is mobility followed by disability in speech and in hearing.

Mobility related disability is more than 6 million of the total disabled population. Most of these disabilities can be solved and/or managed with the use of exoskeletons. Exoskeletons can aid people with mobility-related disabilities to carry out their daily lives with ease.

There is a need for devices like exoskeletons to be developed in India and globally to help specially-abled people live their lives in a better way. GenElek Technologies is working on developing exoskeletons that are available to those who require such devices at an affordable price which in turn will help make the society more inclusive.

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